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Keep your skin young and resilient, protect from stress and enrich with vitamins and minerals. All-natural. All-vegan. The best you can find.

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Younger Skin alginate face masks


Younger Skin

Provides powerful anti-aging effects for all skin types.

Hydration effect of alginate face masks



Provides powerful hydration for dry & normal skin.

Tone-up Alginate Face Masks



Improves your skin and gives it an unforgettable glow. 

Detox Alginate Face Masks


Advanced skin detox from environmental pollutants.

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Natural Ingredients

Our products are made from 99% of natural ingredients.


We never test our products on animals. We are against all forms of cruelty.

Home Spa

All Smorodina™ products are formulated to deliver astonishing results in the comfort of your home.

Hand-made & Quality-Tested

Home-made and hand-made to ensure that no sweat labor was used in the production of our products.

European Ingredients

Our products are made using the purest, highest-quality EU-certified natural ingredients.


We don't use any types of animal based ingredients, at all.

Over 21,872 People Improved Their Skin With Smorodina.

Smorodina Cosmetics is an innovative cosmetics technology company based in Russia. We are represented by our partner, Natura Gateway, which is located in New Jersey, so your products will be shipped domestically. We only use natural and healthy ingredients and manufacture a wide number of cosmetic products. Not only do we use high quality tested and approved European ingredients, but we also have sophisticated controls in our manufacturing facilities to ensure that our handmade products have the best possible quality. We only sell what we use ourselves and we guarantee you will have the best possible quality when you use our Smorodina™ line of cosmetics products.  

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Over 21872+ happy customers around the world who are improving their skin with Smorodina™.