About Us

Smorodina Cosmetics is an innovative cosmetics technology company based in Russia. We are represented by our partner, Natura Gateway, which is located in New York and New Jersey, so your products will be shipped domestically. We only use natural and healthy ingredients and manufacture a wide number of cosmetic products. Not only do we use high quality tested and approved European ingredients, but we also have sophisticated controls in our manufacturing facilities to ensure that our handmade products have the best possible quality. We only sell what we use ourselves and we guarantee you will have the best possible quality when you use Smorodina line of cosmetics products.


Our MISSION is to bring people closer to nature and to provide them with products which naturally help restore and boost human body’s immune system, without the help of any chemicals. We are 100% honest about the ingredients in our products and we encourage everyone to read the labels on all products they buy. We also wanted to recreate professional SPA treatment experience at home at the price anyone can afford. As a result, you get a very high quality natural cosmetic product which helps your body restore and rejuvenate quickly.

We would love to hear back and learn more about you so that we could become closer – please reach out to us at any time, even if you just want to say hello. Of course, we love your reviews as it gives us motivation to bring even more healthy products to you!