What is an alginate face mask?

Algin (alginate) is found within the cell walls of brown seaweeds which are harvested internationally from oceans. Alginate face masks are made in the form of alginate powder. The powder must then be mixed with water to create a paste which is extremely rich in minerals and vitamins and, given the natural qualities of seaweed, has extremely powerful effect on skin.

How do I prepare an alginate face mask?

Combine 3-5 tea spoons of mask powder and 10 tea spoons of cold water. Mix water with powder and stir well until uniform consistency is reached (free of lumps). Apply even layer of paste to your face. Leave it on for 15-30 minutes until it fully hardens. When ready to remove mask, wet sides of mask first. We suggest you watch this video before mixing the mask with water.

Recommendation: when stirring and applying the mask, do it quickly, as mask hardens within 1-2 minutes. To avoid pipe clogging, discard used mask into garbage bin.

How is an alginate face mask different from a regular face mask?

Alginate face masks require some getting used to but they are much more effective that regular face masks that you generally see in stores. This effect comes from alginate and other natural ingredients which are extremely rich in minerals and vitamins. Because the product comes in the form of powder, you need to mix it with water in the right proportions to ensure you have the right consistency of the paste.

The package says 3 treatments in 1 package. What does it mean?

The powder in one package is usually enough for 3-5 treatments depending on how much powder you need to use on your face. Thus, the amount of powder supplied in one package of alginate face mask is equivalent to 3-5 regular masks but because of vitamins and minerals, it is exponentially more effective than other masks.

How many treatments do I need to see the result?

As with professional SPA treatments, using alginate face masks has a cumulative effect on skin. We recommend at least 10 treatments to achieve the best result but you will see strong effect on your skin already after first use.

How is using alginate face masks at home different from SPA treatments?

The first difference is really the price. You pay much less for the same highest quality product which professional estheticians use when you come in for the procedures. In fact, we supply our alginate powder to professionals in larger quantities so that they could offer natural facial treatments in their salons. The second difference is that instead of somebody else applying an alginate face mask on your skin, you would need to do it yourself – but this also comes with a benefit of doing it in the comfort of your home vs going somewhere, right? J

What is good about your products?

All our products are vegan, cruelty-free, natural and do not contain any chemicals. We manufacture them from highest quality ingredients and have strict quality control processes to ensure the top quality.